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Tireless( and related abilities)
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Author:  NoisyAssassin [ Fri Nov 08, 2019 3:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Tireless( and related abilities)

Urbicus has the following ability:
Tireless - This model model may activate and react while in the Fatigued state.

From the Rulebook (pdf pg4):
"Ready (0 fatigue) - A model that begins the turn Ready may activate during its player's turn..."

"Fatigued (1 fatigue) - A model that begins the turn Fatigued may not activate that turn..."

From the Rulebook Turn Structure section (pdf pg5):
"Step 1: You may remove a fatigue from a friendly Fatigued model. That model may not activate this turn.

Step 2: Activate a Ready model. You may not activate a model that began the turn Fatigued or Exhausted..."

Can Urbicus be chosen to activate if he began the turn Fatigued, but had his fatigue removed? Or does Tireless only come into play if he starts and remains Fatigued?

Author:  Wishing [ Thu Jan 16, 2020 7:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Tireless( and related abilities)

My interpretation: If you remove a fatigue from him, he cannot activate that turn.

It's all about the steps 1 and 2 that you quoted. Step 1 says a model that had fatigue removed from it cannot activate that turn. Step 2 says a fatigued model cannot activate that turn. Tireless overrides the limitation from step 2, but not the limitation in step 1.

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