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Bestaie Benefits and Noxius
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Author:  cheese8242 [ Thu Oct 04, 2018 9:28 am ]
Post subject:  Bestaie Benefits and Noxius

Hello everyone,

I'm just getting into the game. In large part thanks to Captain_Amerika.

I'm working on building my first cohort, a beast Cohort with Anum and the Bestaie Benefits.

Which brings me to my question. Pack says that a cohort made up of all beasts and Anum can use the Bestaie Benefits in place of the Morituri Benefits. Where does Noxius work in this? Since his Expendable ability says he can be used in any cohort, would it be possible to place him in a Beast only cohort and still use the Bestaie Benefits?

I strict reading of the both the Benefits card and Noxius's card would have me say no, but Noxius's backstory and abilities making him the most hated character in the arena just seems like he would fit in at least in spirit.

Author:  Wishing [ Thu Oct 11, 2018 4:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Bestaie Benefits and Noxius

Welcome to the forum!

Yeah, going by the rules as they are printed, Noxius does not interact with Bestiae at all, or any of the other sub-schools.

His ability is that he can count as any school when you are looking at whether you qualify for benefits from 75% school inclusion. So the ability is only relevant for those benefits where 75% school inclusion is actually a criterium. Which is LM, Legio, Morituri, Zephyri, and Helleniki.

His ability does not allow him to count as a beast or as Anum. Therefore, he can never be in a cohort that has the Bestiae benefits, since that is restricted to only beasts and Anum.

Of course, you can house rule anything you want. :)

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