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PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 10:34 am 
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I have been wondering, which model tends to be the most efficient model for generating favor dice?

When building a cohort that tends to either use a lot, or not generate very much favor, which model would you add to help stir up the crowd?

My first thought is Viatrix. She has 4 [favor] on her vitality bar, and has fairly early access to the [favor] on her damage tree. Needing only 3 successes, whereas some models seem to need 4 or more. Plus she has all around great stats, and a broadly useful passive ability, allowing her to fit in many cohorts.

However, I would love to hear other thoughts and opinions.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 12:03 pm 
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Yep, Viatrix would be my prime choice too. Slash away and collect those Favors.

Tribune I think should get a special mention for being able to collect an infinite amount of Favor defensively, in principle. If you keep counterattacking with him, or assisting him, he can be able to deflect many blows and gain you much Favor.

Also, Zephyri ludus cohorts deserve a special mention for having an infinite Favor generating machine that requires no enemy involvement. Use Berserk a couple of times to hurt yourself, then start transfering damage around between the different models. Every time you mark a Favor vitality point, you gain Favor, and then you heal it again, and mark it again, gain again, and so on.

The gain is slow, since you can only do it on a clear turn, and you can probably only gain one point per clear turn - but it's still kinda neat.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 3:15 pm 
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This is something I've oddly never really dwelled on much. Like most things in the game, there's not a lot of outliers. You generally get 3 Favor by the time someone goes down. The outliers generally have some associated tradeoff; generally in the form of Favor denial.

Offensive favor generation is overall pretty rare and pretty much always requires 3 successes to get. I think whether you're good at it or not probably has more to do with what you're trading it for. Valen, for example, has fine favor generation, but gives up 2 damage for it. Amon is actually the only character to get it from 2 successes, but he pretty much gives up all of his damage to do so and mostly only benefits from it when his pet is down.

That puts Leo, Viatrix, Euryale (I), Stheno (I), Aemilia, Sulla, Nero (II), and Urbicus as the gladiators that generate the most favor as they die and don't "lose" anything to take favor when they attack. Other things of note is that Hagal and Acerbus can both generate 2 favor from a single attack, though Hagal pays for it out of his lifebar and requires 5 success to pull it off. Additional mention probably needs to go to Aquilla and Septimus, since Valor is pretty good at generating Favor when you remember it.

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