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FAQ and errata from March 2019
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Author:  Wishing [ Thu Mar 28, 2019 10:27 am ]
Post subject:  FAQ and errata from March 2019

New errata up, with mainly Helleniki stuff. ... 190324.pdf

Are models in base contact with themselves, within 1” of themselves?
Models are not in base contact with themselves. Models are within x” of themelves. Note errata to Shield Wall. Mounts and riders are in base contact with each other while mounted. They will also be in contact with the same other models, since they share a space.

Wording clarification on Hubris.

Theophania's Interdict errataed to only work when she is engaging either the attacker or defender.

Argos' Shield Wall now gives +1 ARM for every *other* friendly model within 1", so he doesn't get the bonus from himself.

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