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Rules v1.10 and Official FAQ
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Author:  RRG_walker [ Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Rules v1.10 and Official FAQ

The Ides is upon us! Arena Rex is 4 years old today -- and boy has each of those years had a different flavor. In addition to this morning’s preview of Leika, we have a latest revision of our rulebook to share. A couple of small, but impactful changes have lead us to version this 1.10. We have also collected an Official FAQ with the changelog for those who want to skip straight to what’s new.

Great thanks to the fans of the game who collected the unofficial FAQ on the wiki – many of the responses are lifted wholesale or lightly modified from that document, and are now official. Further thanks to our forum and subreddit communities (some of whom overlap with the above) for some great discussion around the finer points of the rules interactions and also for the translations that we have available.

Mostly, thanks to everyone for making this such a rewarding project, whether it’s through discussion, showing off your modeling and painting, playing the game out and about or in your own home with the shades drawn, or even just visiting the website or picking up the odd model or handful of dice. We continue looking forward to the growth of Red Republic Games, and Arena Rex in particular, with shining eyes thanks to you all.

English (v1.10)
Changelog and FAQ (Mar. 15, 2017)
Chinese (v1.01)
Italian (v1.01)
Spanish (v1.10) | FAQ | Cards | Print-friendly Cards

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